Portable Appliance Testing - PAT

“All office equipment must be tested by a qualified electrician every year.”

The reality however is much different, as the HSE’s advice for most office electrical equipment is that a visual check or simple test will be enough, and this needn’t be done annually.

You need to know what dangers you could be in if your appliances are not properly tested though. This is where our technicians come in and prevent the potential danger. Our technicians will be able to check your appliances and sign them off as safe so that you can carry on with as little hassle as possible. Their years of experience will mean that this is done swiftly and smoothly.

Electical testing is performed by a person who is competent in the safe use of the test equipment and who knows how to interpret the test results. Out technicians are capable of inspecting the equipment and dismantling it to check the cable connections.

Step 1

We visit your premises to undertake a risk assessment and implement a testing schedule, with an option of the production of a full equipment register.

Step 2

We undertake the necessary testing to ensure legal compliance in line with your testing schedule which will be updated to provide a full audit trail.

PAT Costs

£75 for the first 25 items.

£1.00 per item thereafter.

Got A Question?

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